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Connie Stamps has released today a press release which expresses the need of growth of American economy by putting much stress on American home grown products. There was a time, when American made products dominated the global product. But since then, the demography has changed to market where cheap labor was available and hence, cost cutting was possible due to which, non American products were sold at a lower price than the American ones. American companies started to lose share in global market.

But it came with a price. Compromise in quality. With cheap labor, and mass production, it was possible for other market from many different countries to sell the same products cheaply yet they couldn't match with the quality or after sales service. With a view to this imbalance, the...... Connie Stamps was born which will produce American home made products at affordable cost yet, employing American work force without any compromization.


According to spokesperson....... michael, since, there are. Lots of transportation cost while moving goods from let’s say china or Taiwan, the American grown product could be sell at a price as there won't be need of transferring. Hence these goods could be selling at lower price. None the less, for every one of you out there, who wants to live the American dream, this is the book for you. This teaches how to begin thinking as an entrepreneur. Our believe is what drives us and motivates us. If you want to be a part of this dream, what are you waiting for? Pick up the pen and write to us. Or you can even send us a mail.


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According to CEO....... John, "according to a 2015 market study, about 80% of Americans want to buy products that are made in America yet they can't because due to lack of opportunities." "We are here to change that.” he added. This will indeed make a big impact in unemployment issue in American economy which prevails in remote areas. With own force, an American home grown company will be able to match the global Giants by providing better products with a chance to uplift the under privileged American workers and hence enhancing the quality of their lives.

It not only impact the USA economy but, it also serves as an answer to the unanswered question of growing problems of unemployment by creating more jobs.

Custom pillows brought by Zonkd, a US startup based in NC, raleigh

Tell us – how about having a well-produced customizable pillow for your perfect sleep? Yes, it is interesting to know, not a technology or digital marketing startup but a “pillow” startup is in the marketplace! The newbie in the town, Zonkd is doing a great social work by letting “sleep-lovers” sleep better with the customized pillow. One of the very important parts of our sound sleep is a good pillow. Zonkd was also in the search of such a one-size-fits-all pillow but in vain. They clearly claim that one-size-fits-all pillow is a myth. There are no such studies to prove one combination of materials is the best for our optimal sleep. Everybody has their own preferences. They might not know it consciously but their subconscious mind knows what it wants.

As stated, “Nothing is perfect not the pillow!”, every individual has different preferences when it comes the choice of the pillow. Either you want a little-bulged-out pillow or too soft pillow, that’s your preference. We suppose the commemoration of the startup to be a happy news for all the folks out there who wait for the last part of a day to have a perfect sleep. Here’s is what you all need. Zonkd is doing its best to bring us the best-customized pillow with the finest materials possible to give us a sound sleep. Cheers!

The easy-to-use interface of the website makes the customer comfortable even before the soul has his first sleep with his lovely customized pillow. There is a broad range of customization option to customize your pillow. You can anytime chat away in given chat option in case of any query, let’s say, you also don’t what kind of pillow is perfect for you! With exemplary shipping facilities, it is doing a great job and it’s not too late when people will rely on Zonkd before anyone.

Being a good and understanding friend who knows our demands well, Zonkd is the startup who amazes us with its new stocks of wonderful customized pillows cores and covers serving two purposes parallel – comfortable and decorative. They are crafted in such a way to give us good night’s sleep which ensures long-lasting quality. You can choose the material – foam or fiber or both. The pillow covers are generally made up of sweat-shirt, soft T-shirt or legging material. The colors are really soothing to eyes which make you feel more comfortable.

They believe that they’re not experts who can prescribe a particular type of pillow for a person with a particular lifestyle but all they can do is to help you to understand your need and build you a perfect pillow just for you. Zonkd doesn’t believe in taking control over your life or rather your sleep. When it comes to sleep, you’re your expert. You will decide what you do want. That’s truly the best part of Zonkd, or may be a great marketing strategy to make us believe in them a bit more. But, whatever may be the intention, it’s all good for us.